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 Below are some of the plethora of essays our phenomenal writers have written over the 2016-2017 school year assigned by our principle, Sylveta Hamilton Gonzales, and our language arts teacher, Ms. Nikita Forde.


Assignment: Students were asked to write a review about the duet cover of "At Last" by Etta James, sang by M.A.C.A.D.E.M.Y'S Founder, Rev. Sylveta Hamilton Gonzales, and current M.A.C.AD.E.MY Senior, Marvin Gibbs, and then "tweet" about the duet.

Keshawn Howe

8th Grade

November 2, 2016




At Last by Etta James


            The song sang by my fellow classmate, Marvin Gibbs, and teacher, Bishop Sylveta Hamilton Gonzales, is displaying the love that two human beings can share. While listening to the song, it takes you off onto a tranquil and relaxing place. It is like hearing angels singing in heaven for joy. I can connect this to Marcia Griffiths’ song “Young Gifted and Black” that says you should love your race no matter the circumstances. I hope that these two continue to do what they do best.

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Kamani Millington

November 9, 2016

Language Arts


Write a review about the performance done by Marvin Gibbs and Ms. Bishop.


Marvin Gibbs and Ms.Bishop's performance of the song, "At Last" by Etta James was magnificent, and showed both singer's ability to sing in harmony. These singers were able to sound like the official song without watching lyrics and listening to it. These people have talent and should not be ashamed of it.









Jonathan Barley

November 2nd, 2016

Grade 8


Duet Review


Marvin and Ms. Bishop’s duet cover of “At Last” by Etta James was phenomenal because they were harmonious in their singing. Ms. Bishop’s high tone complemented and accentuated Marvin’s softer tone. Together, they were able to accomplish the goal of spreading the message of the song: finding love at last.


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Assignment: Students were asked to write an essay about how they would manage their bank accounts if their mortgage was 3. 5 million dollars and their salary was twice this amount.

Jonathan Barley 

October 7th, 2016

Essay Writing 

Question: Your mortgage is $3,500,000. Your salary is twice the amount of your monthly payments. What would you do to manage your bank account.

Master Plan

In order to pay a monthly mortgage of 19,500 dollars, for fifteen years, for a 3.5 million dollar mortgage, my monthly salary must be 39,000 dollars, and managing my account would require me to (1) create an income/expense budget plan, (2) manage my wants, (3) and save. The budget plan would reflect my monthly expenses. My money would be wisely spent. My money would be allocated to sustain my mortgage. As the owner of a multi- million dollar property, it would be my responsibility to manage my money according to my income, so my mortgage can be payed.

My budget plan would assist me in managing my accounts because it would reflect only my monthly expenses. For example, my plan includes five sections: income, debt (including utilities), insurance premiums, investments, and basic necessities. My approximate monthly income would be $39,000. Of this amount, $19,500 would be used on my mortgage payment. This leaves me with $19,500. Around $5,000 of this money would be used to maintain my car (gas, loan, and insurance). After these expenses, I will be left with $14,000, to be used to cover basic necessities (household bills, clothing, food), and the rest would be allocated to my savings account. My total expenses will be $27,000 monthly and my left over income will be 14,000.  By following this budget plan, funds would always be at the snap of my finger, making it easy to live a worry- free, financially stable life. Furthermore, my wants would be managed.

My money would be wisely spent, because certain desires of mine would be kept to a minimum. For example, As a “sneaker-head”, its is my responsibility to ensure that my habit of buying high- end sneakers is kept to a minimum, because the money can be used for greater purposes. Additionally, my hobby of robotics, and computer science, would also be kept to a minimal because this interest is costly. On the other hand, I would begin to become more frugal, and invest in stocks and assets that would multiply my money in bank accounts, instead of allowing the balance to remain stagnant. Who wants to ever be in the position where they have no money, because of a habit gone berserk?  For sure, not me, ergo it is imperative that my frugal spending habits are practiced from an early age. Many African- Americans today suffer from this issue, as they were never taught to manage their wealth. Many of us focus on the materialistic side of life, but at the end of the day, having the best car or best shoes means nothing in terms of finance. In addition, managing my money, would allow me to have more funds to save.

Safe spending, and budgeting allows you to have more overall income at your disposal to save. For example, after paying for all of my annual expenses, my account would be left with a balance of approximately $168,000 dollars annually. Many people may never see this amount of money in a lifetime, but wealth management would allow me to see it in one year. With this $168,000 dollars, my civic duties can be completed( including charitable donations), investments can be made ( my non- profit organization, Neurology For The Neglected), and money can be saved. Business mogul, Mark Cuban, has multiplied his wealth by following a similar money management plan, but with a lot more disposable income to make investments. By continuing this methodology of managing money, my accounts can always resemble Mr. Cuban’s. Moreover, my accounts would be managed to secure my property.

As the owner of a multi- million dollar property, it would be my responsibility to manage my money according to my income, so my mortgage can be paid. Following a budget plan, minimizing my desires, and saving, I can one day have a net worth of over 14 million dollars. Following this master plan can make me one of the few African- Americans to own a 3.5 million dollar home in Brooklyn, NY, debt free.



Assignment: Students were asked to define freedom in their own terms, analyze a quote, and explain America and Russia's clandestine relationship.

Cassius Ghartey

March 20, 2017

Grade: 8


Question: What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is a portrayal of the white lotus flower, optimistic, love, and friendship. It is one’s third eye or ability to accept. What determines freedom? Not only your determination materializing, but now you perceive others. However, our society strips your visualization of yourself, applying a precarious predicament to the wound. And in juxtaposition to this social equities are used to build other barriers. Freedom is a barrier. It must be removed, but in order to remove the social shackles it must be internalized. And this is taken in many forms, spirituality, and a self centered awareness. Furthermore, freedom is based on society, however it can be perceived in various ways, to other advantages, to disadvantage, hence the saying “Freedom is Slavery”.


Jonathan Barley

March 20, 2017

Grade: 8



Quote: “Your character determines your fate; not your talent”


The quote, “Your character determines your fate; not your talent” portrays the ideology that character development is essential to uncovering more about life, in opposition to talent. We are innately blessed with talents, however we must develop our character. Therefore “character development”, requires a training of behavior and morality, that you display individually or in the midst of others. Our behavior has consequences, whether they be spiritual or blatant, thus justifying the philosophy of karma which exists in many religions today. The character of someone is evident through their ability to be candid to their spirit, regardless of who is watching.

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