College Counseling

At MACADEMY, the aim of the college counseling is to assist both students and parents through the college process. We know that the college process can be overwhelmingly challenging and can lead to frustration because of its tedious process of decision making. In order to cushion and support this process for college, we strive to help students make an informed decision about what college best fits their career choices as they aspire to fulfill their dreams. We recognize that every student is a unique individual, and so we strive to assist students to find the best fit in their college search.



Bishop Sylveta Hamilton-Gonzales is dedicated to working with students at the eighth grade level in preparation for the navigation through the college search and selection process. This important introduction to the college application process focuses on writing a resume, and a letter to the President of the college students plan to attend.



In their Senior year, students are encouraged to begin the process and discussions on the important steps that must be taken to be accepted to the college of their choice. Students are also encouraged during their Senior year to draft a letter to the President of their college explaining in what area of study they are seeking admission, how they are preparing themselves to meet the requirements for their particular areas of interest, how they can obtain scholarships and other resources that can assist them financially and to inform the President and admissions director why they would be an asset to their institution. Giving students this early start in their college process is a gateway to their future success and finding the perfect college for their careers.



In addition, students are encouraged to do research to heighten their awareness of the qualifications that are needed during the process and to get a head start if there are any changes that can affect or enhance their college searching process.



Bishop Hamilton-Gonzales counsels as well as encourages the senior students to think about their future careers and assists them in making the appropriate decisions in this very important process for their future and career.  At MACADEMY we believe that it is extremely important that our students seek early admission into the colleges of their choice. As early as the 9th Grade, students are stimulated to begin their college search.



In preparation, the senior students are taught the strategies to increase their scores on the SAT Exams as early as the 8th grade.  Each student's needs are assessed based on the results of their SSAT scores which is mandatory for graduation at MACADEMY.  After taking the SSAT,  we use the predicted Range of Grade 12 SAT R Scores to focus on their strength and weaknesses in preparation for for their SAT in the future. 

2013 Valedictorian's SSAT Score