Established 1994


On March 8th 1994, the Rt. Rev. Sylveta Hamilton- Gonzales saw in a vision, children attired in blue and white uniforms playing in her yard under the watchful eyes of an angel. A voice spoke to her saying “These are the Leaders of tomorrow that I have chosen for your care, educate and prepare them for the future and the world”.


In the months that followed parents began asking Bishop Gonzales if she had a school for their children to attend because the public school had no room. Inspired by her vision and the requests from the community, the Rt. Rev. Sylveta Hamilton-Gonzales founded MACADEMY in 1994 with five students.


This Institution is an Academic supplemental Learing Center, designed to house students from Nursery to the sixth Grade, ranging from ages Two to Eleven. MACADEMY stands as an ancient historic monument of African Heritage in a Landmark building located at 1313 Union Street, Brooklyn NY. It provides the students with a comprehensive development curriculum centered in a self, community and world consciousness. MACADEMY seeks to meet the entire students’ needs, this includes the mind, body and spirit. In order to educate the mind, body and spirit, MACADEMY further awakes in each student the power to ignite within his or her self, the genius, strength, passion and other resources that are extremely necessary to succeed in their generation. In addition to self attainment, students are inspired to become concerned citizens and voices for the less fortunate of our community and society.


MACADEMY provides a curriculum which excels the requirements of the present and demonstrates the students’ abilities and vigor to meet the challenges for expansion into the future. Today MACADEMY teaches tomorrow’s leaders to view the world, not as fragments of the whole but see the whole in each fragment. In so doing, MACADEMY fulfills its motto “Education and Unity Build a Strong Community”. For this cause MACADEMY is committed to a thoroughly diverse faculty and student body.


“Academic Excellence” has emerged as a hallmark of MACADEMY, and this institution has demonstrated through the empowerment of its students with self-esteem, responsibility, and character that “academic excellence” alone could never be the true measure of a great education. MACADEMY has designed an educational experience that would meet the needs and development of the student as a “whole person”. This institution provides ELearning thereby, enhancing the students ability to meet the challenges of the technology world. 

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