MACADEMY ABC (A Better Chance) Scholars

"A Better Chance has been opening the doors to many opportunities for thousands of young students who believe in Academic Advancement and educational opportunities that can advance their career path. ABC's mission is to substantiallyincrease the number of well-educated people of color who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in American Society."


This institution carries out its mission through a signature college preporatory school program which annually recruits, refers, and supports hundreds of ABC Scholars at more than 300 of the nation's leading boarding day, private, and public schools.​ The students of MACADEMY School of Science and Technology have been very successful in being accepted as ABC Scholars based on their ISEE and SSAT scores. Each year, MACADEMY students take these exams and list the schools of their choice that will help them to significantly contribute to the community of leaders who can compete in High School, College, and the workplace. 

MACADEMY is an institution that prepares their scholars to compete, succeed, and lead in our society. 


Listed below are the names of our A Better Chance Scholars:


  1. Nathanyah Antoine

  2. Tydell Brown 

  3. Dujuan Millington

  4. Laura Gonzales

  5. Tyler Forsythe

  6. Messiah McCall

  7. Abindigo Bain

  8. Tristen Odle

  9. Keith Hill

  10. Naomi Henry

  11. Brianna Nurse

  12. Jayden Mckenzie

  13. Cerena Parkinson

  14. Jonathan Barley

  15. Aniesha Dyce

  16. Isaiah Binns

  17. Marvin Gibbs

  18. Kai Owosu

  19. Abrie Clarke