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A Message from 
the Principal

In this welcome we could attempt to paint a picture of MACADEMY that encompasses our curriculum that embodies local and global consciousness or we could highlight our four principles of a solid education and its inclusion of science, technology, e-learning, art and music as a hallmark of our institution, however, words no - matter how carefully chosen, pictures - no matter how awesomely painted in the finest of color combination - can never ever adequately portray the academic strength, beauty, and complexity of our Institution.

​MACADEMY has been a symbol of academic excellence in Brooklyn for over ten years. It has struggled through its formative years of tears and joys, fears and hopes to become an Institution that provides its students with a comprehensive learning environment that encourages academic excellence, e-learning, social competence, and a total commitment to parents and community.

We have teachers who make MACADEMY truly special. We understand that the core of any great school must include the teaching faculty. Having a high standard, pursuing excellence, exhibiting concern for each student and maintaining the highest level of student engagement reflects the numerous goals that comprise our first class faculty. This first class faculty is supported by the Institution as I encourage and inspire my colleagues in their continued development as professionals in the field of education. At MACADEMY we work diligently to fulfill this motto: “the best teacher is one who makes you want to learn”.

Moral development is also a primary objective at MACADEMY. Students are exposed to the topics and techniques of decision making, conflict resolution, and accountability. Students are taught to give their best because of our emphasis on good manners, diligence, respect, self-discipline, integrity and compassion.

MACADEMY’s expectation is that each student will work hard along with his/her parents to achieve the highest goal and erase the greatest mistake, which is to give up.

MACADEMY is certainly a unique institution which is poised to embrace the challenges of the twenty-first century. I invite you to read and learn more about MACADEMY. Please contact us for further information.

Bishop Sylveta Hamilton-Gonzales BA, M., Div.

​Founder and Senior Principal

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