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Miriam Ann Carr


On March 6th, 1907, at Smithfield in the parish of Westmoreland, Jamaica, Miriam Ann Lewis was born to the family of Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis. In 1920, at the age of thirteen years, she journeyed to Kingston to continue her education. During her stay there, she met and married Mr. Eric (Pablo) Carr. Miriam later gave birth to her four children, Mrs. Maria Lennon (deceased), Mrs. Dorothy Forsythe, Mr. Rudolph Carr and Mrs. Amy Allen (deceased).


Her profound love for God and extended love for her children and grandchildren played a very important part in her mothering of the “Central Kingston Community” in which she lived. Miriam Ann Carr, so fondly called “Grannie”, was an advocate for childrens’ rights, and a champion in the advancement of education in Central Kingston. Many children were given the opportunity to excel in both their education and civic responsibility under the extraordinary leadership of “Grannie”. “Grannie” understood her duty to be a voice for the children. She encouraged parents to make education the priority in their children’s “social lives” and God in their “spiritual lives”.


“Grannie” lived in a community that had been transformed from wealth to poverty. Over the years, many of its, affluent members relocated making room for people from the rural parts, of Jamaica to take up residency. In their new found home in Central Kingston, life was not very easy, but “Grannie” gave them hope. “Grannie” not only opened her heart to love and work for children. She was also known as a philanthropist to the educational and every day needs of her community. Her home is still referred to as “House of Mercy”, because from this residence the infinite presence of God’s love emanated throughout Central Kingston and beyond.


“Grannie” understood that the fear of God, education, and integrity were major components for a successful life and a sure ticket out of the death and poverty that riddled her beloved community.


Miriam Ann Carr died in 1984 at the age of 77. One decade later M.A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. (Miriam Ann Carr Academy for the Development and Education For Multicultural Youth) was founded by her granddaughter, Rt. Reverend Hamilton-Gonzales to honor her. Under her watchful eyes from heaven, “Grannie” continues to inspire and care for the children. In loving memory of her remarkable compassion, tolerance, generosity and strong commitment to education we celebrate the life of a giant warrior who has left a legacy for this age and the next.


Although in her lifetime, Miriam only visited the United Nations once, because of the tremendous work done by the first Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to open its door for women, the halls of the delegates dining room was graced by Mrs. Carr’s elegant and stately portrait and greeted and inspired women from around the world at the Woman of Great Esteem Ceremony each year. Her portrait greeted women at the historical Brooklyn Museum of Art for the “Emerald Awards” and on to the elegant Palm House for the reception. Now she greets women at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Battery Park, New York, New York.

Miriam Ann Carr, WGE

Greets Women of Great Esteem from Around the World at MACADEMY's Annual Fundraiser


For over 17 years, MACADEMY School of Science and Technology has partnered with WGE (Women of Great Esteem) 

to raise funds for the Education advancement of our students. This gala celebrates Women from around the world for 

their outstanding contributions to the advancements of humanity. MACADEMY Students are Junior Ambassadors at this event who interview and escort these women at their award ceremony. Miriam Ann Carr's picture, the inspiration of MACADEMY, is always there to greet them.