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Annual Science Fair


May 11, 2017

Our annual Science Fair at MACADEMY 

advocates a purpose for our young scientists to present their ideas and begin their journey in their scientific fields. Mr. Richard Howe, Science Teacher and Dr. Erroll Byer, Chairman of our Environmental Studies are the coordinators of this event. Teachers, Parents, and Community Leaders all participate as judges and spectators to witness the brilliance of the great scientific minds that are being developed at MACADEMY. MACADEMY is extremely proud of the profound ideas of our young scientists and their outstanding accomplishments. We encourage the great minds of our students who aspire to be inventors and we look forward to their ultimate success.


Summer Program

MACADEMY has an annual summer enrichmnet program that prepares students for the next grade.




July 13th, 2017

Career Week

October 21 - 24, 2017

Written by Messiah McCall

Career Week at MACADEMY is an inspirational and educational experience for the students. This annual week long event allows parents, and other friends of MACADEMY School to visit the classes and explain their field of work. When students are presented with examples of people who are pursuing the career that they aspire to be, it reminds them that achieving their goal is possible.

Nature is great for inspiration, however it is also our scientific basis. During MACADEMY's annual apple picking trip, we must not only socialize with our peers, but become closer to Earth. This is important because a tree without roots cannot grow, and nature is our roots. Nature is the epitome of life and our somewhat austere and fast moving city lives must take an annual break for nature.

Apple Picking


September 30, 2017

Written by Aniesha Dyce


2017 Graduate Academic Biography

8th Grade Students


  1. Aniesha Dyce- Criminal Justice Lawyer; Olympic Swimmer. She plans to major in Law Enforcement in college.

       Accepted To:

  • Bard High School Early College

  • Stuyvesant High School

  • Berkeley Carrol- $168,460 Scholarship

  • Poly Prep

  • Convent of the Sacred Heart                       

  • Packer Collegiate


Aniesha was offered $42,115 per year from Berkeley Carrol, for a total of $168,460. She was accepted at a total of 6 schools. She has accepted her offer from Berkeley Carol and will be attending next year.

SSAT Score: 2184

Regents Score (Algebra 1)- 93

Regents Score (ELA)- 96




2. Jonathan Barley- Pediatric Neurosurgeon. He plans to major in  Pre- medicine in college.

 Accepted To:

  • Poly Prep- $132,000 Scholarship

  • Berkeley Carrol- $132,000 Scholarship

  • Brooklyn Millennium

  • Friends Seminary- $128,000 Scholarship

  • LREI- $120,000 Scholarship

  • Calhoun High School- $92,000 Scholarship


 Jonathan was offered a total of $604,000 in scholarship from 6  schools. He accepted his offer from Berkeley Carol and will be  attending next year.

 SSAT Score: 2094

 Regents Score (Algebra 1)- 83

 Regents Score (ELA)- 96


 3. Isaiah Binns- Artist, Computer Programmer. He plans to major  in Computer Programming in college.

 Accepted To:

  • Bay Ridge Prep

  • New York City Museum School


 Isaiah was given an offer to two schools in New York City. He is  currently waiting on scholarship information and will be attending  Bay Ridge Prep next year.

 SSAT Score: 1833

 Regents Score (Algebra 1)- 76

 Regents Score (ELA)- 90


4. Marvin Gibbs- Astrophysicist. He plans to major in Physics in  under- graduate school.

 Accepted To:

  • Saint John’s High School

  • Saint Edmunds Preparatory

  • Bishop Loughlin

  • Brooklyn Millennium

  • Brooklyn Friends (pending)


 Marvin was given offers to 5 schools. He will be attending Saint  Edmunds Prep, if not accepted to Brooklyn Friends.

 SSAT Score: 2001

 Regents Score (Algebra 1)- 80

 Regents Score (ELA)- 89



5. Shianne Smith- Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgeon. She plans to  major in Pre-Medicine in college.

 Accepted To:

  • Saint Savior

  • Bishop Loughlin

  • The High School for Global Citizenship


 Shianne was given offers to 3 schools. She will be attending Saint  Savior next year.

 SSAT Score: 1782 (benchmark)

 Regents Score (Algebra 1)- 76

 Regents Score (ELA)- 87

 6. Kai Owosu- Biochemist. She plans to major in biomedical  engineering in college.

 Accepted To:

  • Saint Savior

  • Leon Goldstein Academy

  • Poly Prep (pending)


 Kai was given offers to three schools. She will be attending Saint  Savior next year.

 SSAT Score: 2010

 Regents Score (Algebra 1)- 80

 Regents Score (ELA)- 92


7. Alanna Preudhomme- Slaughter- Financial Lawyer, Olympic  Swimmer. She plans to major in Law in college.

 Accepted To:

  • York Prep High School- $160,000 Scholarship

  • Bay Ridge Prep

  • Winston Prep


 Alanna was given an offer to 3 schools with a $160,000  Scholarship to York Prep. She will be attending this York  Preparatory next year.

 SSAT Score: 1757 (benchmark)

 Regents Score (Algebra 1)- 78

 Regents Score (ELA)- 91

8. Michael Robinson- Architect. He plans to major in Architectural  Design in college.

 Accepted To:

  • City Polytechnic High School


 Michael was given an offer to Poly Tech high school. He will be  attending this school next year.

 Regents Score (Algebra 1)- 75

 Regents Score (ELA)- 71


9. Kamani Millington – Train Engineer. He plans to major in  Engineering in college.

 Accepted To:

  • City Polytechnic High School


 Kamani was given an offer to City Polytechnic High School. He will  be attending this school next year.

 SSAT Score: 1875 (benchmark)

 Regents Score (Algebra 1)- 78

 Regents Score (ELA)- 89


10. Tiffany Forsythe- Supreme Court Justice Judge. She plans to  major in Political Science and Constitutional Law in college.

 Accepted To:

  • Urban Assembly for Law and Justice (pending)


 Tiffany is waiting for an offer to Urban Assembly for Law and  Justice. She plans to attend this school next year.

 SSAT Score: 1827

 Regents Score (Algebra 1)- 78

 Regents Score (ELA)- 90

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