Outstanding Alumni

"There are three categories of education, standard, professional, and legacy. The third and most potent is embraced by MACADEMY in its effort to fulfill our mandate to prepare this generation and the next for the journey of life committed to the keeping of legacy and the watching of the gates."


- Rt. Rev. Sylveta Hamilton - Gonzales, Founder and Principal


Here is a list of The 2015 Gatekeepers

Here is a List of The 2014 Gatekeepers

Keith Hill

Attending Brooklyn Friends High School, Class of 2019

Marcus Gibbs

Attending Millenium Brooklyn High School, Class of 2018

Here is a list of The 2013 Gatekeepers

2008 - 2012 Outstanding Alumni; College Bound

Nathanyah Antoine is an aspiring Computer Scientist and Entrepeneur. He will be attending Packer Collegiate Institute, Class of 2017. In the future, he intends to attend MIT or California Institute of Technology (Caltech) to study Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.


Nathanyah has maintained his academic excellence and was inducted as a member of the honor roll. He has aced the ISEE and SSAT Exams, and is an ABC Program Scholar, and was accepted to the Bronx High School of Science and many other independents schools such as Poly Prep County Day School, Brooklyn Friends School, and Friends Seminary. 

Khalil Smith

Khalil Smith is a MACADEMY Alumni artist extraordinaire, who currently attends SUNY Cobleskill for Graphic Design. He was awarded two scholarships to attend Pratt University’s School of Art from 2003 to 2005, during which tenure he worked on Cartoons and Comics, Sculptures, Drawings and Paintings, and is currently working on his Portfolio Development. In 2004, he was a recipient of The Brooklyn Museum of Art Scholarship to work on the elements of Air, Water and Fire and their interaction with Art. The elegance and excellence of Mr. Smith’s artistic talents and skills is manifested in a piece of his early work which he donated to MACADEMY after his tenure at the museum. This piece of fine art stands as a monument of his ability to capture on canvas or paper, clay or metal the profound beauty that lies beyond the naked eyes. This art work can be visited and viewed at the Prestigious Art Gallery at MACADEMY where it stands predominantly among renowned artists of our time. Mr. Smith began his academic studies at MACADEMY at the tender age of three and left at the age of seven years-old. He later returned and graduated, then moved onto high school. It was here at MACADEMY that he developed his artistic gifts under the nurturing of his teachers. Mr. Smith’s desire is to become an Anime Artist.

Nigel Henry

Attending University of Delaware, for Business Administration and Finance, Class of 2017

Jennifer Hodge

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Cheryl Liburd

Attending NYU, Class of 2017

Tyler Forsythe

ABC Program Scholar

Currently attending Benjamin Banneker High School, Class of 2014

Laura Gonzales

ABC Program Scholar

Currently attending Christ The King Regional High School, Class of 2014

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Kaitlyn Daire - Pre Med

Currently attending Benjamin Banneker High School, Class of 2015

Terik Gill - Pre Engineering

Currently attending Benjamin Banneker High School, Class of 2015

Tamera Imhiavan - Science

Currently attending Urban Assembly Institute for Math and Science for Young Women, Class of 2015

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Sadique Cottle

Currently serving in the army.

Imani Ragguette

Currently attending Christ The King Regional High School, Class of 2015

Janee Mckenzie

Currently attending Saint Saviour High School, Class of 2016

Dana Waite

Currently attending John Dewey High School, Class of 2016

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