MACADEMY's Annual Science & Technology Fair



Our annual Science & Technology Fair at MACADEMY advocates a purpose for our young scientists to present their ideas and begin their journey in their scientific fields. Mr. David Fletcher, Science Teacher and Dr. Erroll Byer, Chairman of our Environmental Studies are the coordinators of this event. Teachers, Parents, and Community Leaders all participate as judges and spectators to witness the brilliance of the great scientific minds that are being developed at MACADEMY. Each year, students are awarded the Dr. Erroll Byer Science & Technology Awards for First, Second, and Third Places. At Graduation, our proud and awesome young scientists walk proudly away with their award and the assurance that they can achieve their dreams to be scientists who advance the state of our Humanity. MACADEMY is extremely proud of the profound ideas of our young scientists and their outstanding accomplishments. We believe that we have impregnate the great minds of our students with the ideas to be inventors and we look forward to their ultimate future success.


"The Science Fair at MACADEMY is a competitive day in which phenomenal inventors and scientists can unveil their true potential. For example, in the 2014 science fair, we featured robotic arms, rockets, robots, and many more inventions that astonished the judges. Whether a student places in the fair or not, it is a great learning experience for them. Our future inventors are always proud that their hard work and dedication resulted in a fulfilling project. Moreover, the science fair is an extravagant competition that exploits and reveals the creative sides of our students".  (Messiah McCall, Class of 2014)




 Science Fair Winners 

(Announced at 2019 Graduation)

Technology & Science Award Winners- 8th Grade

1st Place- Cassius Ghartey 

2nd Place- Jaylen Arbuckle- Shury 

3rd Place- Abrie Clarke 

Technology & Science Award Winners- 7th Grade

1st Place - Penelope Ghartey

2nd Place- Kalia Bain

3rd Place- Kristine Ortiz

Technology & Science Award Winners- 6th Grade-

1st Plac (tie) - Jacob Hill and Cassius Bermudez

3rd Place (tie) - Zikayah Barr and August Owusu 

Technology & Science Award Winners- 5th Grade-

1st Place -  Othello Ghartey

2nd Place - Peter Hillman

3rd Place - Victoria Hogan

Technology & Science Award Winners- 4th Grade-

1st Place - Shawn Allen 

2nd Place  - Isaiah Bennett

3rd Place - Lucas Herrera 

Technology & Science Award Winners- 3rd Grade-

1st Place- Daniel Ortiz

2nd Place - Jalynn Gibbs 

3rd Place - Amya Quick

Technology & Science Award Winners- 2nd Grade-

1st Place- Jessica Tirrelus

2nd Place - Anayah Parkinson

3rd Place  - Skie Degale


Technology & Science Award Winners- 1st Grade-

1st Place- Elissa Moore

2nd Place- Adonnois Bermudez

3rd Place- Brooke Strohman

Technology & Science Award Winners- UPK-

1st Place- Kristen Washington 

2nd Place (tie) - Manoah Mark and Canji James 


Technology & Science Award Winners- Pre-K-

1st Place - Beverly James- Josie

2nd Place- Kristen Paul

3rd Place - Bryce Joseph


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