​S T U D E N T   L I F E

At MACADEMY, Students are taught to love learning, respect and love each other, and enjoy each other's company.

Student Body Government

MACADEMY's Student Body Government epitomizes the profound opportunity to develop great leadership skills which allows one person to engage the support of others in their accomplishment of a common task. At MACADEMY, our student leader organizes the Student Body around goals that affect our community and are elected to office.


The process includes:


• Choosing a Slate

• Coming up with ideas and tasks to be accomplished during the tenure

• Setting up a campaign to obtain votes

• Working on campaign strategies




2018 Student Body Government Election Day at MACADEMY


2018 Student Body President


Kalia Bain - President

2018-2019 Elected Student Body President

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Music & Performing Arts

Zaria Ragguette, Alumni; Class of 2013

Performing Arts

This program is designed to encourage students, regardless of ability, environment, or ethnicity, the opportunity to develop his or her own unique artistic talents. Students acquire an understanding as well as an appreciation of theatre, multi-cultural, music and other arts, through a variety of enriched artistic experiences.


This program is designed to help the students to realize that each individual's ideas are of value. We encourage each child to develop independent thinking by planning and executing his/her own ideas for truly creative expression and realize that Creative Art processes are a means of communication.

Janeé Mckenzie, Alumni; Class of 2012

Student Run Clubs

Art Club
Art Club

Science Club
Science Club

Chess Club
Chess Club

Art Club
Art Club


Throughout the Years, MACADEMY Students, teachers, and parents have run a variety of clubs including: 


- Chess 

- Crochet

- Art

- Science 

- Performing Arts