Defining Our Acronym


M - Miriam

A - Ann

C - Carr

A - Academy

D - For the Development

E - And Education Of

M - Multicultural

Y - Youth





On The Horizon For MACADEMY


At MACADEMY, the belief is that education is only truly successful if it transcends time. In essence, schools have to be able to grow with the students and transform to facilitate the needs of the children. We teach our students how to learn. If you are capable of learning, there is nothing you can not achieve.


​MACADEMY is actively pursuing the acquisition of a larger space to expand the school through to High School and then to a University. This new location will incorportate an official gymnasium with fitness equipment and allow students the ability to train and practive to partice in New York State sanctioned sporting events

We are also in the process of executing the EASE (Educator and Student Exchange) Program. This program will allow eligible students and staff to study and work abroad. Those students that are at the Brooklyn location will also be exposed to other teaching styles from around the world by way of international teachers and live video conferencing.


MACADEMY has partnered with world famous actor Keith David to establish the Keith David Performing Arts Academy. This program will encourage students, regardless of ability, environment, and ethnicity, the opportunity to develop his or her own unique artistic talents. Students acquire an understanding as well as an appreciation of theatre, multi - cultural msuic, and other arts, through a variety of enriched artistic experiences.


As of fall 2006, MACADEMY is an official New York State testing site. We will be facilitating and administering Board of Education Required examinations for our students.


In addition, MACADEMY prepares students to take the SHSAT Exam for Specialized High Schools, ISEE Exam for Independent Schools, and SSAT Exam for Secondary Schools and to predict the range for Grade 12 SAT R Scores.