M.A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. is a prestigious Independent Teaching School located in Crown Heights - serving students ranging in ages from Two to Fourteen (nursery to the Eighth grade). Started with the idea that one cannot build effectively without touching the younger generations, the institution offers a comprehensive learning environment in its quest to bring about a greater degree of intellectual and social competence in students, preparing them to effectively deal with their environment.


In today's educational environment where drop out rates exceed 50% and many who graduate reflect dubious standards, M.A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. offers children the opportunity to develop their academic proficiency at a very young age, giving them the solid start to make them better equipped to focus on their purpose.


M.A.C.A.D.E.M.Y is a teaching school that provides academic training and exposure for our scholars to develop their understanding of the differerence between the destruction of humanity by reason of academic failure being initiated because education is considered a luxury and not a necessity. Scholars are also trained to utilize their academic skills for the advancement of humanity through their innovative and creative ideas, critical and advanced thinking, cultural and self creation, and a paradigmn shift from success central ideology to purpose, compassion, and truth.


Our teaching school enforces the development of reasoning skills, techniques, strategies, structures, formulas, problem solving, critical thinking, abstract existential analysis, research skills, and application. Scholars are exposed to a unique comprehension and addition to the KWL chart: " What you know," "What you want to know," "What you learned," and according to our principal and founder, Bishop Sylveta Hamilton Gonzales, " What is your innovative idea?


Housed on a residential block in a landmark building at 1313 Union Street in Brooklyn, N.Y., the school affords a home-like environment and maintains a total commitment to parents, students and community. M.A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. boasts small classes which afford students individualized attention to optimizes the strength and unique experience of each student and every effort is made to directly involve the family which it considers to be the principal influence in the child’s development. Three teachers are assigned to the universal Pre-K class, which is limited to 18 students. Other classes average an approximate ratio of Students to Teachers, 10:1.


“We are the ones that taught our children,” says Rt. Rev Sylveta Hamilton-Gonzales, the school’s founder, mindful of a past when we had our own system in place and our children did better than they do today. Attributing the change to a disconnection from cultural norms, the school emphasizes the cultural grounding of its students.


Before each student’s enrollment, parents engage in an interview that allows the school to know what they need and the parents to know what the school expects. Parents sometimes act as volunteers accompanying students on trips, assisting in the classrooms and may even participate in reviewing the curriculum, which now facilitate the scientific and technological aspect of our children’s education. M.A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. has now extended its curriculum to include Political Science, Chemistry and Physics. This is not the norm for other schools, so our students are going to be at a greater advantage and more advance in these areas of study.



M.A.C.A.D.E.M.Y. students consistently demonstrate the institution’s effectiveness in their teaching process. Students have received awards from the New York State Senate and Assembly, the New York City Council, the United States Congress and the President of the United States. Students routinely go on to participate in programs for the gifted. Rosemary Ramsay, a former student is on track to study science at John Hopkins University and last year, after less than a year in the school, Rebecca Ford’s IQ test score went from 120 to 130, landing her in a program for the gifted at the Long Island University Center for Gifted Youth. Our 2013 Valedictorian, Nathanyah Antoine has aced the ISEE and SSAT exams, was accepted to the ABC Scholars Program, accepted to Bronx High School of Science, Packer Collegiate Institute, Poly Prep County Day School, Brooklyn Friends School, Friends Seminary, Millenium Brooklyn High School, and Christ The King Regional High School, and was offered over approximately $400,000 in scholarships. He will be attending Packer Collegiate Institute, Class of 2017.

MACADEMY is located in the Crown Heights Community

MACADEMY, School of Science and Technology​

The Grand Army Plaza Monument

The Water Fountain at Grand Army Plaza

Brooklyn Public Library

MACADEMY Students at The Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden

MACADEMY Alumni at DUMBO (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass)

MACADEMY is uniquely situated in Central Brooklyn, New York, 9th Congressional District and is surrounded by The Brooklyn Museum, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn Library, Botanical Gardens, The Brooklyn Childrens Museum, Brooklyn Jewish Childrens Museum, The Water Fountain, and Prospect Park. It is in the college corridor of Brooklyn - Medgar Evars College, Long Island University, PRATT Institute, Brooklyn College, and Yshieva University. It is accessible to The Barclays Center, Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, and other surrounding communities.

MACADEMY Students at their outdoor classroom in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York.